Downtown Streets Alliance

Who, What, and Where is Downtown Streets Alliance?!

Program of Veteran Rescue Mission designed to address the gate, space, place, and waste for the local so-called homeless or unhoused populations of Tucson, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado, through self- management and collective community management, unionizing among the unhoused, formerly unhoused, and supporters, purpose driven actions with results focused on personal growth and independence, and creating a political body for unhoused and formerly unhoused persons.
DSA with the participation and support of members of the local community will continue to utilize the public parks system as a medium to locate veterans and civilians in order to connect them with benefits, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, until all people come to the realization that we must accept and address the epidemics among our veteran and civilian populations in reference to service connection, housing, mental health services, and government abuse of the houseless and mentally ill populations, and bring to order the understanding that we must cooperate in order to become truly sustainable as humans, to leave a planet to our posterity, and perpetually exist here on Earth.

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*Gate - Locate and strengthen the stream line connection of so-called homeless Vets with earned benefits. *Space - Create a body of unhoused, formerly unhoused, and supporters to make way for community, self management, unionizing, and creating service based solutions.


*Place - Create a location for the unhoused and unsheltered to protect themselves from the weather and ultimately act as a resource for the Greater community. *Waste - Work to make available 24 hr bathroom facilities around the Greater Tucson and Denver areas.


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