Veteran Village and Reintegration Center

Veteran Rescue Mission Village

Our Veteran Village and Reintegration Center at 7670 N. Stargrass Dr. was started in April of 2018 by Pastor Jon McLane shortly after founding the church, Veteran Rescue Mission, with the intent to be a Veteran led front searching for all homeless Vets in order to pair them with their entitled benefits, in an effort to minimize Veteran recidivism, and suicide.


  • Distinguish the need of Veterans with low incomes, in Arizona and the greater United States, educate the public on the research gathered, and work with the public to address the need distinguished.


  • Since the inception of the Veteran Village and Reintegration Center by the name, Veteran Rescue Mission, we have sheltered over 300 people and help connect over 250 veterans to benefits and housing.

  • The Veteran Village and Reintegration Center, Veteran Rescue Mission, has worked with hundreds of local churches and organizations to build 6 tiny houses, a chicken coup, a garden, and get the property in compliance to shelter unhoused veterans and civilians.

  • In support of our residents we have been able to create three work programs, to include; Common Good Radio Show, Veteran Works, and Veteran Thrift.


Contact us today at 520-329-9192 to get a tour or make donations to our village of veterans that we shelter!