Veterans Medicated

Since June 2017, we have had a successful “Forum on Veteran Homelessness” located at The Coughee Club, covered by Bud Foster with Tucson News Now, garnering over 100,000 impressions for our sponsors; The Coughee Club, Dr. IV.XX, and Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies, and a wildly successful launching of our monthly colored 4 page editorial, named “Veterans Medicated”, featuring specials and events for Medical Cannabis patients, as well as the Forum and Best Cannabis Competition that accompanied the editorial. In the month of July 2017, in cooperation with Dr. IV:XX we were able to get 3 homeless Veterans their Medical Marijuana Cards free, and give 3 $75 grants to 3 other Veterans.

In May of 2018, in conjunction with Earth's Healing and Tumbleweeds we were able to sponsor 18 veterans for their Medical Cannabis Certifications processed by Tumbleweeds Health Center.

We are continuing to work with Dispensaries, Medical Cannabis Certification Agencies, Doctors, Patients, and the public to make Cannabis available to all Vets. Contact us Online to help a Vet get their card.